"Do you like mmmmbananas?"
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/episodethree/ - Spike!DraGonK5ss
Gosh, apparently some Russian servers are trying to spam the shit out of us, Akismet has blocked 3871 posts.

Also, for now, make sure you are at gochan.lunachan.net when yo...
/episodethree/ - Anonymous
/episodethree/ - Spike!DraGonK5ss
post thumbnail Please post more everyone, we must test Gochan more!
I don't really care enough to bother. He doesn't post here much.
This site is pretty much just the demonstration site, like Kusaba X's site.
/episodethree/ - Spike!DraGonK5ss
Oh right GETchan is part of USSC or something? I don't even.
/episodethree/ - Spike!DraGonK5ss
Gochan is just image board software, and this is simply a test installation of Gochan I operate so people can get to know Gochan, and Gochan can be tested more heavily t...
/episodethree/ - Anonymous
So I heard the USSC was moving here, are there any veterans of the /int/ uprising? I want to speak to the revolutionary heroes.
/episodethree/ - Spike!DraGonK5ss
I know, but he really wants *you* to ban him allegedly.
/episodethree/ - Zeke Roa!TRASH/BwvA
It's just Pipes shitposting as usual.