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plz don't use box-shadow for topbar, or for anything else for that matter, it's not a hardware-accelerated css property, replace it with a drop-shadow

ex. change box-shadow: 3px 3px 5px 6px #555; to filter: drop-shadow(0 0 10px #555);


actually i don't think you should have any shadow at all, it looks distracting to me.
also plz make the top bar unpinned by default, it's wasting valuable vertical screen estate, it should be an opt-in thing in the settings. i can't even opt out, your settings option unchecking pinned top bar doesn't work
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I'm not very well versed in CSS filters, but I can replace it. I figured all (or at least most) CSS properties are hardware accelerated. I just put in a shadow because I thought it looks nice and provides some nice visually appealing contrast between the top bar and the background, but I guess I can add a border or something if you think it looks that bad. Or I can maybe make it smaller or something.
I have the top bar pinned by default because it's convenient so you don't have to scroll all the way to the top to go to a different board. I know I do need to work on the frontend though. I've been mostly focusing on the backend stuff. There's a major release coming soon that has a bunch of improvements, and it should have that fixed as well.

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hey folks, glad to see this project is still active and you have the demo site back up. You're doing god's work comrades.

I've got a board -- currently down -- which runs lynxchan, i'd rather not use lynxchan but looks like I'm stuck with it for now considering it's really the only thing with both the features and documentation I'm looking for ( tinyboard/vichan has that but we all know the sorry state of PHP )

You all are affiliated with bunkerchan right? I know they're still on lynxchan as well but plan to migrate to gochan, wondering when we might be able to convert and upload the db into gochan...

PS: think i'll go ahead and write some css themes for you folks, actually doesn't look to bad already but could use some polish.
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>Gochan's about to make Lynxchan its bitch.
careful do not let the freak see you saying that
he is going to spam this board with his " homemade videos"
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what freak?

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hi, im using ubuntu 18.04. i edited the gochan.json and created a mysql database, even added gochan-mysql.service to systemd. went to localhost/gochan/manage?action=staff but gave me 404. pls help
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This looks like it's an issue with your Apache config, not with gochan, but just in case, make sure that the DocumentRoot value is correct, and that the SiteWebFolder is set to "/gochan/".

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I don’t think I can upload pictures on iOS safari for some reason

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cool chan, works fine without JS, not not seeing too many features...

Theme changer?
multiple file upload?

Looking for a good substitute for vichan, but still have yet to find one
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Theme changing is definitely there, the settings dropdown at the top right, it does use Javascript to do that though.

Multiple file uploads is currently in progress as part of a large database redesign.

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I was tweaking the Burichan CSS to be more like Yotsuba Blue, and noticed that the board title in the catalog just uses <h1> instead of <h1 id="board-title">.

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The class is on September 11th?
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hello frans
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