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hey folks, glad to see this project is still active and you have the demo site back up. You're doing god's work comrades.

I've got a board -- currently down -- which runs lynxchan, i'd rather not use lynxchan but looks like I'm stuck with it for now considering it's really the only thing with both the features and documentation I'm looking for ( tinyboard/vichan has that but we all know the sorry state of PHP )

You all are affiliated with bunkerchan right? I know they're still on lynxchan as well but plan to migrate to gochan, wondering when we might be able to convert and upload the db into gochan...

PS: think i'll go ahead and write some css themes for you folks, actually doesn't look to bad already but could use some polish.
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I'm aware of Lynxchan (thanks to Bunkerchan) and its...less than great "features", and I feel the need to apologize for gochan's slow development. But after we finish the database refactoring stuff, to kinda quote Daikatana, Gochan's about to make Lynxchan its bitch.
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Care to tell me why would you stop failing at developing this project at this arbitrary point? What do you think that happens after you finish refacting the db? Josh himself descends from heaven and conjures the rest of the codebase with his diet coke a la meth powers?
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>Gochan's about to make Lynxchan its bitch.
careful do not let the freak see you saying that
he is going to spam this board with his " homemade videos"
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what freak?

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