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Please post more everyone, we must test Gochan more!
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Gosh, apparently some Russian servers are trying to spam the shit out of us, Akismet has blocked 3871 posts.

Also, for now, make sure you are at http://gochan.lunachan.net/ when you want to post here, Zeke is working on a way to support multiple domains better.
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Gochan stronk
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Book horse takeover?
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The Russians are still trying to spam the shit out of us, but I fixed a horrible mistake in how the referrer check was being done, and now that is blocking them, rather than Akismet.
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I guess we're testing to see if anything weird happens when there's actually people other than the devs posting, trying weird things.

It was found by some person near Pittsburgh that uploaded files' names weren't stripped of HTML tags, and that was fixed shortly after they posted such things (see https://github.com/Eggbertx/gochan/commit/c1fcd6dd71fb581a19bf33267b254cfea86dc8db ).
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The Russians are still trying to spam the shit out of us. We're okay though, because Akismet catches them.

I probably should write something in the config to stop them, they all come from the same /24..
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the ban function will support some basic regex stuff to take care of that.
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Hello from /leftypol/!
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oh hey

Hope you're all doing well over there.

gochan dev is currently stagnant, but it has been stable so far.
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So now this gochan is 64-bit and built with Go 1.8, supposedly Go 1.8 is faster.
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Was it not 64-bit before?
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No, when I originally set up this machine 4 years ago I was trying to save RAM (it only had 256MB at first) and so installed the i386 version of Ubuntu 12.04
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What specifically requires testing?
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nobody really knows, it just needs to be posted to for good measure

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