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No. 65 []
So I heard the USSC was moving here, are there any veterans of the /int/ uprising? I want to speak to the revolutionary heroes.
No. 66 []
Gochan is just image board software, and this is simply a test installation of Gochan I operate so people can get to know Gochan, and Gochan can be tested more heavily than just by its developers (a few bugs have already been found by other people poking around with this Gochan installation).

I am honestly quite out of the loop when it comes to the USSC, but I have not heard that they were interested in using Gochan, but I am glad to hear people are excited for Gochan, even if it has yet to be battle tested in a heavily visited site.
No. 67 []
Oh right GETchan is part of USSC or something? I don't even.
No. 68 []
This site is pretty much just the demonstration site, like Kusaba X's site.

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