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whoever made that pipes theme deserves an award

it looks fantastic!
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If I remember correctly, Mbyte made the original one that was on Lunachan. Assuming it was even original there. I liked it and used it for my personal theme until Lunachan's closure, so I decided to port it to gochan and make it the default theme.
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File: 156030477228.jpg - (54.5 KB , 774x845, JPEG_20180823_105241.jpg)
I expected 3D pipes to be generating in the background.
I guess i shall go wanting, but it looks pretty good none the less.
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File: 156030524440.png - (0.23 MB , 355x578, 6565465435376.png)
you should totes port it on pchan too in the future

i thought it gonna be something like too at first

also, i really like the [▼] feature here
No. 484 []
Nah, sorry to disappoint lol

>you should totes port it on pchan too in the future
I was thinking of doing that. It shouldn't take too long.
>also, i really like the [▼] feature here
That's on my list of things to do that I've unfortunately been neglecting
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File: 156030795944.png - (0.76 MB , 949x1200, 1533065662841.png)
Its fiiiiine.
It would be cool though haha.

I notice i have the option to delete a post with that little arrow haha.
Power to the people!

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