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I'm making this thread to collect my thoughts and keep myself sane.
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I want to kill everyone who's ever said "I love you" to me but I know that if I do my dreams for the future are gone.
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I'm feeling really happy, I got a lot done today productively
1. Worked out at the gym
2. Got a lot done on my school work
3. Made a thread to simulate ponyville
4. Wrote some more Emberstorm clop fics

And later tonight I'm gonna mop the bathrooms after my roommate goes to bed.
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Oh nice, did you move out of that other place in Santa Rosa, or did they move in with you?
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This is the only time I'm gonna out of my way to talk to you so listen up!

Manley grilled me hard for months on why my bigotry toward American was wrong and it took months for his speeches to finally reprogram my international world view and you mentioned before that you hate me and harass me as much as you do because of all the bigotry I expressed toward America in the past, I learned months ago from Manley that I was in the wrong and owed you an apology but you kept egging me on and pissing off so bad it became harder and harder to give you one but seeing as I'm no longer in contact with my ponyville friends this has given me time to reflect so I'm giving you an apology now.

I'm sorry I was so bigoted toward Americans as a whole and said so many horrible things about them, that was unfair of me and I apologize.

Do not read to deep into this, this is not me caving in due to the stress, this is not me surrendering leaving you the winner, I'm simply giving you what I owe and nothing more.

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