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I'm making this thread to collect my thoughts and keep myself sane.
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Currently playing Metal Slug.
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Got in contact with Moony today, that made me happy.
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Moony has been on my mind a lot lately, I keep thinking about the fact that he shares the same personality that I had at age 9 before having it stopped out of me by years of abuse, he's sort of like a me from another timeline raised by more caring and supportive people, a life I so desperately wish I had but I can't turn back time and run away from home before the abuse could start, he's like a metaphorical severed limb of mine that I'm desperately trying to sew back on but to no avail, I can't switch lives with him and even if I could that would be unfair to him to give him the evil abusive family and me have the caring supportive one. He's a very sweet person and I'm very grateful to be his friend.
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It's not just physical appearance. Wealth, power, and prestige are factors too. Why do you think that women let Trump grab them by the pussy? Hint: It's not Trump's looks.

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