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I'm making this thread to collect my thoughts and keep myself sane.
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Listening to The Cranberries right now.
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Just woke up from a nightmare.
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Being bullied yet again on the new site I'm on, I am so god damn sick of the shit I put up with from bronies at this point, I fucking hate them!
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Still receiving nothing but god damn spam in my emails, I haven't heard from any of my old brony friends in so long, I can't live like this anymore and I don't know what to do about it.
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I have an overwhelming hatred for anyone who has ever said the words "I love you" to me, every time I hear this sentence I makes me want to get my hands around their neck and watch them suffocate, I fantasize about doing this with everyone in my life that has ever said that to me, fantasizing about this makes me feel slightly better when I'm angry.

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