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I'm making this thread to collect my thoughts and keep myself sane.
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Isn't this the second time you got banned? Not sure much you could do after begging a first time. I would tell you to chin up but I can understand that losing what maybe your main social group being depressing. Though a lot of it you have self inflicted. You do need to move on from this and find some stability. Though I couldn't personally recommend any chans off the top of my head that'd be very respective. You have to lurk at least some and duck your head rather than get into augments.
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I daydream sometimes about "Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe" instead being "KOF vs. MLP FIM" and the basic story being pretty much the same where Rugal attempts to open a dimensional rift and the warp gate is destroyed by Mai before he can fully pass through it and on the MLP FIM side of the story Tirek having become stronger then before over powers the main 6 to get to one of Celestia's magic mirrors in order to conquer the entirety of the multiverse and realizing there's no way to stop him Twilight shatters the mirror before Tirek can fully pass through it, these 2 separate events cause Rugal and Tirek to fuse together into the being Tirugal which also cause the MLP FIM universe and KOF universe to grind together, the same story plays out as it did in MK vs. DC and at the end where a war brakes out between both sides the 2 left standing are Mai Shiranui and Twilight Sparkle who must now work together to defeat Tirugal

Mai: you don't fight for him

Twilight: neither do you


Mai: then it seems we have a common enemy

Twilight: and a common goal

Torugal: SILENCE!!!

The 2 of them both manage to break free of Tirugal's mind control and prepare to fight

Tirugal: face each other or face me it makes no difference YOU WILL FIGHT!!!

Tirugal is then defeated and the universes then restored leaving Rugal stranded in the MLP FIM universe and vice versa

Twilight Sparkle: Mai! She's gone, huh? we're in Canterlot.

The main 6 hear a loud grunting as they look over the balcony and see Rugal in pony form

Applejack: who in tarnation are you?!!!

Rugal now declaring himself as ruler of their world as his answer then attempts to throw an energy ball at them then discovers his powers don't work in the MLP FIM universe

Twilight: if you are anything like Tirek you will find no refuge here! Your fate will be decided by Celestia and Luna!

Twilight then teleports him and herself off screen and we then cut to him shouting in anger chained up in Tartarus.
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The sysadmin and I have been considering this for a while, and we've come to the agreement that we want to make gochan.org more targeted towards demonstrating gochan's features and helping admins with gochan-related issues as opposed to a normal community like Ponychan, Ponyville, etc. Because of that, we're likely going to be deleting /episodethree/ and /othertest/, and adding a few boards.

With that in mind, I recommend creating a blog at something like Wordpress or another blog site, or creatting a Twitter account. Blogs allow you to make longer posts, but Twitter is more popular, allowing for more input.

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