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I'm making this thread to collect my thoughts and keep myself sane.
No. 412 []
My time permabanned from ponyville has eaten away at my sanity little by little with each passing day, each day is an emotional struggle to find other things to keep me happy and get my mind off the friends I've been cut off from, lately I've been spending a lot of time with my waifu Mai Shiranui who has become to me what Wilson was to Tom Hanks in cast away, I'm not sure how long I can last hoping and waiting for some finality to me ban but my love for Mai Shiranui helps ease that pain in the meantime.
No. 413 []
Went to go see aqua man today and was really blown away by how well made a movie it was I went in originally with very low expectations.
No. 414 []
Wanna learn how to ban evade ponyville?
No. 415 []
Wanna learn how to ban evade ponyville?
No. 419 []
Why would you ask me that? I want them to accept me back on their own! How does me sneaking back in against their wishes earn back their trust? It doesn't! Not only that but Moony is one of few really good friends I have whom I hardly get to talk to as is anymore and betraying him like that would only ensure that status goes from hardly talking to me to never talking to me, so I again must ask wtf would prompt you to ask me this?
No. 420 []
It's raining outside right now and I'm home alone, I like these rainy days because it makes me think back to the days I'd play the snes and famicom while it rained outside and the sun just barely shined through the thick overcast creating a grey sky, today is such a day as is it was those times long ago.
No. 421 []
My dog doesn't like playing with her sock monkey anymore.
No. 422 []
Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3.
No. 423 []
Currently checking out new apartments because of the rat infestation.
No. 424 []
The only emails I receive anymore is spam, I miss the friends I use to be in contact with.
No. 425 []
Listening to The Cranberries right now.
No. 426 []
Just woke up from a nightmare.
No. 427 []
Being bullied yet again on the new site I'm on, I am so god damn sick of the shit I put up with from bronies at this point, I fucking hate them!
No. 428 []
Still receiving nothing but god damn spam in my emails, I haven't heard from any of my old brony friends in so long, I can't live like this anymore and I don't know what to do about it.
No. 429 []
I have an overwhelming hatred for anyone who has ever said the words "I love you" to me, every time I hear this sentence I makes me want to get my hands around their neck and watch them suffocate, I fantasize about doing this with everyone in my life that has ever said that to me, fantasizing about this makes me feel slightly better when I'm angry.
No. 430 []
I don't like the fact that relationships aren't based on looks alone, I hate the fact that people try to kid themselves and act like there's something deeper then that, there is nothing deeper then that! Love is a bull shit concept that only exists in fairytales, people in society need to grow the fuck up and accept reality for what it is, if you're an ugly sack of shit expect to die alone because you have no worth! This goes for both genders.
No. 431 []
I'm extremely pissed off right now and venting in this thread of mine calms me down a little.
No. 432 []
Just now woke up, not feeling any better, still feeling like my friends betrayed me and abandoned me.
No. 433 []
Desperately trying to get in contact with moony to see if the mods had come to decisions yet about my appeal or if they're at least close to one.
No. 434 []
Spent several days bad mouthing bronies online.
No. 435 []
Currently playing Metal Slug.
No. 436 []
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No. 437 []
Got in contact with Moony today, that made me happy.

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