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Shitposting from Windows ME!
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Well clearly I should share a picture of Windows 98 posting in here. Or maybe even DOS.
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Good luck lol
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File: 151161195651.bmp - (2.88 MB , 1127x891, win98-gochanorg.bmp)
This is Windows 98 with the last beta of the Mozilla Application Suite.
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Very nice. I was kind of surprised when I was installing Windows Me. Its disk formatting tool wasn't working, so in order to install it, I needed to load up the Windows 98 disk and format the disk with that.
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File: 151165585369.png - (63.5 KB , 756x503, __dude____by_orbitalvelocity-d4b25a6.png)
Just shows you how garbo Windows ME is.
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Definitely. At least the installer didn't BSOD in the middle of the installation this time.
A long time ago, our computer running Windows ME would BSOD right before it got to the desktop, and somehow 14 year old me figured out that while the computer was off, you had to remove the ethernet cable, boot it up, and when it got to the desktop, plug it back in.
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Which version of Netscape is that?
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Netscape 7 with the classic theme selected, I'm guessing this based on the loading logo thing on the right being round, and the icon on the titlebar is round as well.
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This >>288
I had a Netscape 7 installer readily available and I didn't feel like going and searching for a 4.x one.
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>>289\r\nWhich is why I have this here page on my blog that lists many old Netscape downloads, and it links directly to ftp.netscape.com. https://blog.theoks.net/netscape-dl/
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>>290\r\nOh, sweet.

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