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We're pretty much done with your shit, Pipes. As soon as banning works (it's like 3-4 lines away), you're going to be the first to go.
No. 130 []
Great ban Zeke.

Super effective lmao
No. 132 []
If you didn't post porn, I wouldn't have cared, I think we went over that when you first came here and you were like "zeke please ban me", that the only thing you really could do to piss me off enough to ban you is to post porn, and you were like "oh it's not like I can dump porn" and now you did.

I have to be the one to ban you anyways, 'cause the interface to ban doesn't exist yet.
No. 133 []
The interface is there, it just doesn't do anything yet.
No. 145 []
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Blast off to Episode 3
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So tell the truth, it's not about the revenues
It's about the music, makin' us into a better group.
No. 148 []
And now you should be able to post from any domain you can get to here from!
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Posting from gochan.org

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