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dice it splice it

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dice it splice it

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I didn't even look at the thumbnail tbqh.

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posting on hl3cha
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It says Episode Three, not Half-Life 3 :v

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just leik use lynxchan.
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LOL, my sentiments exactly!

Not to mention that this is way more fun to make something from scratch.
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File: 148248096629.png - (77.2 KB , 1154x768, gochan kusaba x.png)
Indeed. Every time I hear the word "lynxchan", it sounds less and less appealing.

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We're pretty much done with your shit, Pipes. As soon as banning works (it's like 3-4 lines away), you're going to be the first to go.
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So tell the truth, it's not about the revenues
It's about the music, makin' us into a better group.
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And now you should be able to post from any domain you can get to here from!
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Posting from gochan.org

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Testing posting with elinks (command line browser)
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yeah image boards are pretty basic, as long as we keep away from requiring fancy JavaScript to post it'll work perfectly in those browsers. Unfortunately some mobile browsers do have problems rendering the top bar..
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Well I do plan on implementing a quick reply box eventually.
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Also, while it isn't currently super high on my priority list, I do want to improve that top bar thing.

Also, I need to find out why the hell it keeps putting my manage username in the subject line.

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Note to self (and pretty much anyone else who might be having issues) for the time being, if you're having issues posting from gochan.org, use gochan.lunachan.net.

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Live Gochaaaaaaaaaa

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