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Not banned

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Oh snap, I forgot, I was going to have hyperlinks open a new tab if they pointed to an external site. Oops.
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Unrelated but I think post editing will likely come very soon. Who knows?
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Ready go
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ffmpeg -i <image> -i <audio> -b:a 96k -acodec libopus -vcodec vp8 -b:v 250k output.webm

should work
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That's close to what I did, I just didn't specify an audio codec.
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File: 151831155512.jpg - (10.2 KB , 249x250, thumbs up.jpg)
And now they are working! Yay!

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<img src=x onerror=alert(123) />
< / script >< script >alert(123)< / script >
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use this for testing, admin:

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Guess what children! Assuming I didn\'t break something, cookies should actually save correctly now, and non-ASCII characters in your tripcode should work!
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File: 15147182797.gif - (0.93 MB , 499x477, snow-forest.gif)
What an amazing deal!

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The twins of Mammon quarrelled. Their warring plunged the world into a new darkness, and the beast abhorred the darkness. So it began to move swiftly, and grew more powerful, and went forth and multiplied. And the beasts brought fire and light to the darkness.
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Shitposting from Windows ME!
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This >>288
I had a Netscape 7 installer readily available and I didn't feel like going and searching for a 4.x one.
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>>289\r\nWhich is why I have this here page on my blog that lists many old Netscape downloads, and it links directly to ftp.netscape.com. https://blog.theoks.net/netscape-dl/
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>>290\r\nOh, sweet.

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I'm going to post here, because why not.
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Yeah, these days, Autodesk does use a subscription model unfortunately..
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File: 150976219742.png - (0.12 MB , 1024x768, sad_fluttershy_vector_by_bird_spirit-d81m8c4.png)
yup, totally subscription-based :/
but the student license is totally free and last three years, so im going to try to make the most of it.
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File: 150976775657.png - (0.49 MB , 566x433, 1439479847313.png)

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Sorry for the lack of development progress, I've been having issues with vagrant and VirtualBox not playing nicely in Linux, and Hyper-V fucking up VT-x (virtualization funstuff) in Windows. Now that I've reinstalled Windows (I hope you fuckers are happy, I did this for you), I'm getting the same error in Windows that I'm getting in Linux because of a VirtualBox update. According to the developers, it should be fixed in a week or so, then we can get back on track.

pic unrelated

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Press F to pay your respects.

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why is this a thing?
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>No post truncation,
I'm waiting on that until have bbcode set up, so I can figure out how I'm going to safely truncate posts with bbcode without worrying about unclosed tags.
>visible sage
It's not a bug, it's a feature. Doesn't either Ponychan, 4chan, or both hide sages?
>reply subject?
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huh, that's weird, it isn't posting the reply subject...
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This is fixed now!

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This should be "lit" as the kids are saying: ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ
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File: 150319718788.jpg - (0.31 MB , 1227x1034, 6ikDy9r.jpg)

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ใ“ใ‚“ใ„ใกใฏใ€‚ (does Japanese text work with Gochan?)
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File: 150054889837.jpg - (14.9 KB , 264x219, gentlemen.jpg)
Yeah I don't think the catalog is actually implemented at all.

I believe the <br/> is stemming from the response being sent back as plain text rather than HTML. I can maybe look into it.

It's good to see someone testing things and having something to say.
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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque nec ornare lacus. Etiam nec justo sit amet ex dapibus dapibus. Sed quis nisi non mauris posuere congue. Donec diam sapien, sollicitudin in congue nec, luctus quis quam. Proin ac mauris id arcu posuere egestas rhoncus eget nulla. Praesent vehicula sapien non nisl tempus, ut interdum velit auctor. Donec ullamcorper id eros non tempus. Duis ut nisl quis dolor efficitur sollicitudin. Fusce in lacus non ipsum bibendum varius eget sit amet nisi. Vestibulum vel mi risus. Phasellus mattis leo quis felis facilisis, eu laoreet lectus cursus.

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